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Joe Staley agrees to reworked contract, gets raise from 49ers

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The 49ers and their star left tackle have agreed to a restructuring of his current contract.

Fooch’s update: ESPN’s Field Yates is offering some more specifics. He says the 49ers have increased Staley’s base salaries by $3.25 million each of the next two years.

San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley is signed through 2019, and now he is going to earn a few extra bucks during that time. Staley and the 49ers reworked his contract so that he will make an additional $6.4 million over the next two seasons, according to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport.

Staley was due to make $5.5 million each of the next two seasons. That included $4.8 million in base salary, $500,000 in roster bonus money, and a $200,000 workout bonus each season. We don’t know the specifics yet, but he will earn an additional $3.22 million this season, and it would appear something similar in 2019.

The 49ers were at $46,821,316 in cap space, according to Jason Hurley. If this is a basic salary and/or roster bonus raise each of the next two years, each cap hit would go up the $3.2 million or so. If involves a signing bonus, then it might go up at different rates.

One has to wonder how this initially came up. Staley was unhappy last season, but it seemed less to do with money and more to do with retirement considerations. But maybe it was about money. That’s certainly fine if it was as Staley has generally agreed to fairly team friendly deals for a franchise left tackle. He’s still playing at a high level and the 49ers have a lot of cap space. Given that the 49ers might have found their franchise quarterback, it makes sense to keep Staley happy as he protects Jimmy G’s blind side.