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Report: 49ers to host LB Tremaine Edmunds for pre-draft visit

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The 49ers are kicking the tires on all sorts of linebackers.

The San Francisco 49ers will indeed continue their “linebacker” week of pre-draft official visits. After word the team brought in BYU linebacker Fred Warner and is currently visiting with Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith, Matt Barrows is reporting the team will bring in Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds tonight for a visit with team officials on Wednesday.

Edmunds and Smith are competing to be the first linebacker off the board. Edmunds brings considerable potential, while Smith is viewed as more ready to jump right in and make a big impact. The 49ers are doing plenty of work on both if Reuben Foster’s situation leaves them questioning the linebacker position.

On Monday, I put together a poll asking people what they think the 49ers will do with pick No. 9. Options included drafting Smith, drafting Edmunds, drafting somebody else, or trading the pick. There is a lot of uncertainty at this point. 31 percent think Smith is the pick, 27 percent think Edmunds is the pick, 27 percent see a trade, and then 14 percent think they’ll draft somebody else.

The 49ers are doing their work at linebacker, but will it lead to one going at No. 9?