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Joe Staley, Patrick Willis catch up at Warriors playoff game

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Man, this will take you back.

The Golden State Warriors took care of business Monday night in their playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs, and they had at least two notable members of the San Francisco 49ers in attendance. Joe Staley posted a picture on Instagram showing him catching up with a slightly memorable figure from his 2007 draft class.

Great seeing the legend @thewhinkersmind tonight. Draft Class of 2007!!

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Patrick Willis was indeed in the house. He continues to reside in the Bay Area, so it is not a surprise he would take in a Dubs playoff game.

Recently, writer Marc Sessler put together a look at the ten best draft hauls of the past 25 years. The 49ers 2007 class ranked No. 8. It was topped by Willis and Staley in the first round. The 49ers selected Willis with their own pick at No. 11, and then moved into the back end of the first round to select Joe Staley (traded a fourth and 2008 first for the New England Patriots 2007 first). After those two, they got a big return from defensive tackle Ray McDonald (3rd), safety Dashon Goldson (4th), and cornerback Tarell Brown (5th).

The back end of that group likely got them further up the list, but if it had just been Willis and Staley, that alone would have been an impressive haul. Willis has been retired for three years, but has a case for the Hall of Fame. Staley is signed for two more years, and recently got a pay raise for both years. I don’t think he’ll end up in the Hall of Fame, but if he puts in a few more years and potentially wins a Super Bowl, maybe that discussion gets a little more interesting. At the very least, both will eventually be inducted into the 49ers Hall of Fame. Not too shabby.