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The one positive of the 2012 draft

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Yep, we’re going there for a Wednesday. We’ll let Football Outsiders take this one.

Each year, Football Outsiders does a six-year review of the NFL draft. They go through each position, highlighting the highest player picked and who ended up as the best player and obviously this year means they get to talk about the 2012 draft. So it’s—

*Pat armbars his face as the Niners Nation community picks up rocks, sticks and whatever in preparation for a beating*

Ok, ok. Hang on! Before you throw your stones at me. Just give me one...MINUTE!

I know the 2012 draft was bad for all of the 49ers fans. But get this: It was bad for a lot of teams. Unless if you were the Seattle Seahawks or the Indianapolis Colts, or Washington for a season. It wasn’t the greatest draft. But there were two non-horrible things to come out of it:

And San Francisco. Oh, the 49ers. Their best pick was Joe Looney, a fourth-round reserve offensive lineman who was cut before the end of his rookie deal. Yes, that really was their best selection. A.J. Jenkins busted out. Second-round pick LaMichael James finished his career with 44 carries. The other Day 3 picks did nothing of note in San Francisco. By far the best thing the 49ers did was come out of the draft with extra third- and fifth-round picks in 2013. At least the Jaguars gave us something to laugh about by selecting a punter in the third round.

Those picks are the good things, because they could be used in a draft that wasn’t 2012. What were they for? Well one of those third round picks were used to select Eric Reid. The 49ers packaged that along with the 31st pick to move up in the first round of the 2013 draft and get Reid. Their fifth round pick in 2013? Quinton Dial.

So out of all this chaos in the 2012 draft, the 49ers managed to get Dial and Reid in 2013, and that wasn’t awful.

Ok, I’m sitting down. I tried.