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Report: 49ers hosting CB Tarvarus McFadden for pre-draft visit

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The 49ers are turning over every stone for secondary help.

The San Francisco 49ers are closing out their pre-draft visits with cornerbacks. Following word that the team was bringing in Penn State cornerback Christian Campbell for a visit, Josh Norris is reporting the team is bringing in Florida State cornerback Tarvarus McFadden for an official visit.

Both Campbell and McFadden are viewed as day three prospects. They both bring solid size to the table, but they have their drawbacks. Campbell brings inconsistency and a need for improved technique. McFadden struggles in open space with speed being a concern. If he does not get a good hand on a receiver at the line, he could be in trouble.

The 49ers do need help at cornerback, but how soon do they want to get somebody into the starting lineup? Obviously the sooner the better, but Campbell and McFadden are guys who they would bring in likely knowing it will take a year or two to get a big impact from them. The team could go cornerback early and then again late, but if they don’t get with a first round cornerback, maybe they just wait until later in day three?