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Quenton Meeks: It would ‘be a dream come true’ to learn from Richard Sherman in 49ers locker room

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The 49ers need secondary help. Maybe a day three pick on the local product?

The San Francisco 49ers held their local Pro Day on Wednesday, and Stanford players were among the more notable in attendance. Cornerback Quenton Meeks was one of the more prominent prospects on display, and is currently projected as an early day three pick. He stands 6’2, 205 pounds, and brings the kind of size the 49ers are looking for in their cornerbacks.

Meeks chatted with 49ers media after the workout, and talked about one of the news members of the team. Richard Sherman is a Stanford graduate, and Meeks has been able to stay in touch with him. He said he talked with Sherman last year before one game in which Meeks was set to face a bigger receiver. Meeks asked him for some tips, and said the advice Sherman gave him helped him hold the guy without a catch.

When asked what it would mean to join the 49ers and get a chance to work with Sherman, he was effusive in his praise.

“Oh my gosh. That would be a dream come true just to learn from the best. I think he’s still the best corner in the game right now. It takes someone who really knows how to study corners to see what really he does really well. He always disrupts the receivers, the amount of times he gets thrown at a game is very little. It’s because if you throw at him, there’s a big chance that it’s going to get intercepted. He’s still the best in the game, in my opinion, until otherwise.”

The 49ers need to add some depth at cornerback. They have been connected to Denzel Ward and Josh Jackson in the first round, but with plenty of other needs, maybe they wait a bit. Meeks is a potential day three option who has the kind of size they can work with, coupled with his pre-existing relationship with Richard Sherman. I don’t think the latter makes it that much more likely he is drafted by the 49ers, but it would certainly be a bonus.