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Yes, I’m predicting all 16 49ers games in April

The draft a week away, but it is never too early to predict how the 49ers will do with their recently released schedule!

The San Francisco 49ers schedule for the coming season is barely even out of the oven, but that will not stop us from making wildly early predictions. Some will see this as a waste of time. To them, I say, well, you’re probably right. But that has not stopped me in the past from making a fool of himself.

A year ago, I put together my quick post-schedule release predictions, and let’s just say I was all over the place. I did correctly predict the 49ers would go 6-10. However, those six wins were a little all over the place. I picked eight games correctly, although six of those were losses. Given the state of the team heading into last season, it’s easier picking losses than wins. The two wins I got correct were on the road against the Chicago Bears and at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Of course, by the time those games came around, the entire complexion of the 49ers had changed with the arrival of Jimmy Garoppolo.

All that being said, you better believe I’m back to make predictions for 2018!

Week 1: @ Minnesota Vikings LOSS - I think Jimmy Garoppolo is going to have a better career than Kirk Cousins, but fresh out of the gate, I think Cousins draws first blood.

Week 2: vs. Detroit Lions WIN - The Matt Patricia-led Lions are a tough team to figure out, but I don’t think that defense will be able to contain Jimmy G and company.

Week 3: @ Kansas City Chiefs WIN - This is a wild card in the early going because I just don’t know what to make of Pat Mahomes.

Week 4: @ Los Angeles Chargers WIN - It’s a road game, but the Chargers have zero home-field advantage.

Week 5: vs. Arizona Cardinals WIN - Maybe Sam Bradford is their starting quarterback at this point, maybe not. Until we know their quarterback situation, I’m inclined to chalk them up to mostly rebuilding and this is a W for the 49ers.

Week 6: @ Green Bay Packers (MNF) LOSS - This might be the glamor matchup of the year for the 49ers. Jimmy G vs. Aaron Rodgers in primetime. I think this could be a fun game, but I think the 49ers come up short.

Week 7: vs. Los Angeles Rams (SNF) LOSS - Of course, a week later, another potential “game of the year” in primetime. Last year, the 49ers and Rams put on a show on Thursday Night Football. Maybe they do it again on Sunday Night Football?

Week 8: @ Arizona Cardinals WIN - Again, the Cardinals don’t get the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

Week 9: vs. Oakland Raiders (TNF) WIN - At the halfway point of the season, we’ll know what to make of the Jon Gruden-led Raiders. I kinda hope they get back on track with Chucky, but I’m a little skeptical for now.

Week 10: vs. New York Giants (MNF) WIN - Will Eli Manning even be starting at this point? Or will they be moving toward the future?

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers LOSS - This is a tough one to figure out. The Bucs regressed big time last year. I think we see them get back on track this year.

Week 13: @ Seattle Seahawks (SNF) LOSS - I’d love to see the 49ers break through in Seattle, especially in Richard Sherman’s return, but for now I’m thinking they come up short.

Week 14: vs. Denver Broncos WIN - Will Case Keenum be starting at this point, or a rookie? They’ve got a lot of talented pieces, but something seems off in Denver.

Week 15: vs. Seattle Seahawks WIN - Maybe the 49ers sweep the Seahawks in 2019, but for 2018, I’m going with a split.

Week 16: vs. Chicago Bears WIN - I’m really curious to see what Mitchell Trubisky does in his second season, particularly with former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy taking over as head coach. I don’t think they’re ready to take a big step forward, but they’re going to be a tough out each week.

Week 17: @ Los Angeles Rams LOSS - Yep, I’m going with the Rams sweep. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but expectations are going to be high for LA. Ideally this game will be for the division — well, ideally this game will have the 49ers resting starters because they’ve clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs! But, if the Rams live up to expectations, they could be the one resting starters.

Alright, your turn! Drop in your predictions in the comments. Also, vote in the poll below as to how many wins you see from the 49ers this season. If you can’t see the poll, click here.


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