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Golden Nuggets: James Brady was our future!

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Monday, April 2, 2018 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the Internet, and also a personal note.

I suppose I should be starting this article by clearly stating that this is certainly not a goodbye. It’s closer to one than I thought I’d be in a long time, if ever, but circumstances change. I’ve had a little over a month to consider the healthy and proper way to take such a large step back from a thing that’s been a large part of my life for so long, and I’m still struggling with it. But that is what it is: a step back.

To be even clearer: over the past couple years I’ve taken on more and more responsibilities at Niners Nation, behind Fooch. All the while, I’ve been working on the news desk for SB Nation, part time. Very recently, my duties at Niners Nation grew, so much so that we elected to call me the “Deputy Editor.” I made more money and that allowed me to write more about the 49ers. I joke about “usurping Fooch” but I did assume that at some point, I would probably take over the site when Fooch moves on.

Not only is it pretty clear he will not be moving on any time soon, my own personal circumstances changed. I was approached by some higher-ups at SB Nation and offered a full-time position on the news desk. It pays a whole lot more than I’m making part time, of course, but it also comes with new challenges and responsibilities, things I’m incredibly terrified of as a depressive with massive anxiety, but also extremely excited about.

It also comes with a much larger time commitment, and it’s primarily because of that commitment that I will be posting a whole lot less here at Niners Nation. I won’t be covering any specific times, nor will I be producing content on any kind of scheduled basis. I am stepping back as the Deputy Editor of Niners Nation, and I’m very happy to see someone as eager-to-please and talented as Patrick taking over some, most or all of my duties here.

Growing up, I didn’t think I wanted to be a sports writer. I was actually fairly directionless in life. Fooch posting in 2008 about needing help with the Golden Nuggets wasn’t seen as an opportunity to launch a future career in sports journalism by me, it was more … I was awake at 4 a.m. and extremely bored. My family has always been poor, and I definitely never saw something as simple as a daily link dump from writers much more talented than myself eventually turning into a full-time job working with incredibly driven people who are, again, much more talented than myself.

But I’m excited that it did, excited to be where I am, and legitimately positive for the first time in a long time. I’m just shy of 10 years here at Niners Nation, and a lot has happened. I think it’s important to note … no, not note: to shout as loudly as possible that my life has changed for the better in a huge way because of Fooch.

He was just looking for help with the Nuggets at first, and sure, I was providing a service, but he took chances on me, even when I was a bit of a jerk earlier on in my tenure. When SB Nation Bay Area launched, I followed him there and started making some money. That eventually shut down, but from there, I moved to the news desk, happily riding Fooch’s coattails to a place where I, evidently, eventually illustrated my worth to the right people.

Unfortunately, that means stepping back here, where it all started. I’m extremely thankful to Fooch, and extremely thankful to all of you. This is the best blog on SB Nation, and the best 49ers site by a wide margin. I’ll never leave it completely. I’ll maintain my status as a writer here and occasionally will shout at you all about how doomed the 49ers are and how gosh dangit, Shaun Hill was fine. But it won’t be frequent, especially in the near future.

I love ya’ll, a whole lot. And thank you, dear reader, a million times over, for (mostly) enjoying my writing over the years and a billion times over to Fooch for giving me a shot.

Let’s get onto your links for the day, shall we?

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