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Does Quenton Nelson make sense at his size?

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The 49ers seem to be making specific decisions at the guard positions. Maybe Quenton Nelson suddenly doesn’t make as much sense.

Earlier this week, San Francisco 49ers guard Joshua Garnett tweeted out some video of him weighing in at 302 pounds. He has weighed in closer to 325 pounds for much of his career, and the team wanted him to re-shape his body this past year to compete in a Kyle Shanahan blocking scheme that is more about speed and athleticism than power.

I bring this up because a common name in NFL mock drafts has been Quenton Nelson. The 49ers have gotten him in some mock drafts, and mentioned as a possible option in others where he goes earlier. A couple new mock drafts today brought up Nelson in connection with the 49ers. The latest mock draft has the 49ers landing him at No. 9. They had this to say:

After addressing the defense with the addition of cornerback Richard Sherman, the 49ers add the best offensive linemen in the draft to protect quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

SB Nation’s Dan Kadar put together a new mock draft, and had the 49ers selecting Roquan Smith. He had this to say about the pick.

The preference here would’ve been Nelson, and you have to wonder if San Francisco will make a play for the Notre Dame guard. If not, they could target an edge player like Harold Landry here, or go with Smith. With Reuben Foster facing an unknown future, the 49ers could draft a team captain and playmaker in Smith.

Shortly after Garnett’s video came out, Chris Biderman raised a good point about Nelson’s size. The 49ers guards currently weigh between 300 and 312 pounds. In Shanahan’s previous stops as an OC, the teams have added two draft prospects that weigh 319 and 320 pounds, and then four that weight 307 pounds or less.

Nelson weighed in at 329 pounds at the NFL Combine. He had a strong three-cone drill, showing some excellent change of direction ability. He has incredible athleticism for a man his size, but as Chris mentioned, but can he maintain that kind of athleticism moving forward? He’ll be plenty athletic for a big man, but enough to find consistent success in the 49ers blocking scheme?