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Ahkello Witherspoon bought his dad a new car on April Fools Day

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The look on Papa Witherspoon’s face is priceless

April Fools Day can be a day for bad jokes and pranks, but this year it was a pretty good one for the father of San Francisco 49ers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon. Witherspoon took his dad outside the house, and surprised him with a brand new truck. I’ve already watched this video a few times just to see his dad’s expression again and again.

The 49ers young cornerback is heading into his second year and will likely be starting outside opposite Richard Sherman. He had a rough start in training camp, but he emerged as the season moved on and became the 49ers best cornerback last year. He’s got a lot to build on, and if takes the steps forward we’re hoping, he’ll be looking at a big extension and maybe a new house for his pops.