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Golden Nuggets: I like our picks

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San Francisco 49ers links for Friday April 20, 2018

San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Our 2018 schedule just came out yesterday and now we only have one week until the draft. I have spent the last five months arguing for the players I thought we should pick but I tend to start putting my personal opinions aside a week before the draft. My opinion no longer matters. What matters is who the 49ers actually pick.

They know the players on our team way better than we do and they have spent much more time and resources looking for the players that will best fit our needs. I find it much more positive to put my own opinions aside and support the picks they make. I will be scouring every piece of information on the internet that I can possibly find to to learn everything I can about our selections and welcome our new players with open arms. Then I will endure the excruciating months of waiting for training camp to begin.

Speaking of our new regular season schedule. What does everyone think of all those prime time games we will be playing? I personally prefer to see our team playing on Sunday afternoon. Maybe I am too much of a traditionalist? I also prefer Saturday morning college football games. Saturday evenings are way too valuable to spend them watching football.

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