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Watch Pita Taumoepenu club a pop-up bag

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We didn’t see much from the San Francisco 49ers sixth round pick in 2017, maybe in 2018 he makes his presence known?

We didn’t see much from San Francisco 49ers pass rusher Pita Taumoepenu. While he dressed for two games, there isn’t much in the realm of stats for either of them and he was left mostly on the sidelines.

But things look good to start his 2018, check out him clotheslining this pop-up.

Taumoepenu was picked in the sixth round of the 2017 NFL Draft and seen as a project upon his selection. Considering his status as a project, maybe we’ll see some growth out of the outside linebacker come preseason time. Those clotheslines put WWE wrestlers to shame!

Not just the clubbing blow, but look at that side balance as he pivots around. Not sure if that’s anything to write home about, but it seems like the majority of people would fall over being turned that much sideways.

The preseason can’t come soon enough.