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Online sportsbook has 49ers win total nearly doubled from last year

The Jimmy G effect is felt in sportsbooks.

The 2018 NFL Draft is five days away, after which we’ll know most of the 90-man roster each team will take to training camp. There will be some veteran additions and swapping out undrafted rookies, but for the most part, we’ll have a pretty good idea where things stand.

That is why usually the first win totals for the coming season arrive after the draft. The win total is the over/under number set by oddsmakers. Their goal is to get enough money on each side so that it evens out. If they get that, the house wins based on the vig (the difference between what is bet and what is won).

The folks at have decided to jump on this ahead of the draft. They released their 2018 win totals, and it is not surprising the San Francisco 49ers have gotten a bump compared to recent years. Last year, the first totals had the 49ers installed at 4.5 wins. This year, the 49ers are installed at 8.5 wins. The OVER odds are set at -145 (bet $145 to win $100), while the UNDER is set at +125 (bet $100 to win $125). That means the OVER is the favorite in this wager.

This is the highest the 49ers have been since heading into the 2014 season. That year, their win total was set at 10.5 wins. The next year, Jim Tomsula’s season as head coach, the total was set at 7.5 wins.

The rest of the NFC West is as follows:

Rams: 9.5 (OVER -130)
Seahawks: 8.5 (OVER -120)
Cardinals: 5.5 (UNDER -140)