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Watch Frank Gore’s Miami Hurricanes Hall of Fame acceptance speech

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An emotional moment for the former San Francisco 49ers great

On Thursday, former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore was inducted into the University of Miami’s Hall of Fame. There’s no question that he was deserving of the honor, but now today we have video of his acceptance speech.

Clocking in at just over five minutes, there’s some emotional stuff here and you can’t help but feel the emotion for the former 49ers great. Gore brings up his college career, but specifically his running backs coach who left a huge impression of him. Gore also tears up as he mentions his middle school counselor, who he credits as the one of the reasons he went to college.

The video is good stuff and at only five minutes, you can at least give it a listen for the evening.

When he goes to Canton, we’ll get to hear him for 30 minutes.