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7 rounds of fun with 49ers picks, but purposely no trades

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CBS Sports put together a 7-round mock draft with trades. The 49ers were one of the few teams to not make a trade.

The 2018 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and we have reached the point where we’re starting to see more seven round drafts. It is impossible to accurately predict seven rounds of picks, but I enjoy the chance to see how people perceive team needs. Sure, teams will adjust based on what happens around them, but a seven-round mock draft gives us a chance to play around with it.

CBS Sports columnist R.J. White put together just such a mock draft. He went seven rounds, pick-by-pick, and made a variety of trades. He ended up making 21 trades, but the San Francisco 49ers were not one of the team making a deal the three days of the trade. It’s certainly possible they don’t do any dealing, but we’ll see.

Here is the 49ers class in Wilson’s mock draft:

1(9). Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama
2(59). Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio State
3(70). Harrison Phillips, DT, Stanford
3(74). Martinas Rankin, G/C, Mississippi State
4(128). DaeSean Hamilton, WR, Penn State
5(143). Dorian O’Daniel, ILB, Clemson
6(184). Tony Brown, CB, Alabama
7(223). Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin
7(240). Tre Flowers, FS, Oklahoma State

Talk about your defense-heavy drafts. He has six defensive picks, with the first three picks on that side of the ball. Minkah Fitzpatrick makes sense as a versatile option in the secondary, but Baker is a tough one to figure out. He’s got great speed, but his ability against the run is a question mark. Is he good enough to be an every-down linebacker? If the 49ers want a replacement for Reuben Foster, he is not really the best option. Later pick Dorian O’Daniel on the other hand could be an intriguing sleeper on day three.

What do you think of a haul like this? Do we see the 49ers investing so heavily on defense later this week? Would you be surprised if the team ended up making no trades by the end of next weekend?