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Live updates for NN community draft, round 7

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The NN mock draft is back, and this year the plan is to go a full seven rounds.

Welcome to the Niners Nation 2018 NFL mock draft. We’re back for the seventh and final round, with the draft only a few days away. You can view the full first round results here, the full second round results here, the full third round results here, the full fourth round results here, the full fifth round results here, and the full sixth round results here, which includes an explanation for picks.

We’re starting the final round today, and this will take us through Wednesday, 24 hours before the draft gets going. The San Francisco 49ers have two picks in this final round. They have the Miami Dolphins pick (No. 5, 223 overall), which they acquired when they traded Daniel Kilgore and their own seventh round pick (No. 9, 227 overall). They also have the Kansas City Chiefs pick (No. 22, 240 overall), acquired in the 2016 Kenneth Acker trade. We’ll get to the first 49ers pick today, and the second 49ers pick tomorrow.

219. New England Patriots - Darren Carrington, WR, Utah (JMichael39)

220. Pittsburgh Steelers - Kyle Allen, QB, Houston (nyasa)

Long term project with high potential ceiling, Allen gives the Steelers a camp arm with the ability to become something special in a year or two and compete with anyone else when Ben finally calls it quits.

221. Indianapolis Colts - Korey Cunningham, OT, Cincinnati (Rowingdave)

This is a guy who, again, I think will go higher. Rated by PFF as one of the best pass protectors in 2017, Cunningham is a tall, long monster athlete, with boatloads of potential. He’s a SPARQ freak, that offers utility but is best suited as a swing tackle early in his career, but has all the makings of a starter. No guarantees, but Cunningham is great value here.

222. Houston Texans - Byron Pringle, WR, Kansas State (Sacto Solon)

A former Juco transfer to Kansas State, Pringle was a productive receiver in a Wildcat offense that emphasized the run, catching 69 passes for 1,355 yards and 10 TDs in his two years in Manhattan. It’s in the return game, though, where Pringle can provide immediate dividends for the Texans. He housed two kickoffs at K-State and should step into the role, allowing the oft-injured Will Fuller to save himself completely for offense.

223. San Francisco 49ers - Jeffery Wilson, RB, North Texas (GSheen)

I doubt Joe Williams has what it takes to challenge Breida for the no. 2 spot. His tweet at McKinnon signing pictures him as someone with poor motivation who can’t even embrace competition. He has showed nothing at the top level and nothing will be handed to him on a silver platter. Getting a running back in this draft or as an UDFA will make the RB2 position battle more interesting to watch in preseason.

Someone like Jeffery Wilson who’s one of the better zone runners in this class, deserves a look in Day 3. His good decisions in zone plays and his one-cut ability helped him put up a healthy 6.5 average yards last season. On top of those, Wilson flashes super-glue hands in the passing game. Plus, he isn’t afraid to lay the wood in his block snaps, as seen in the SMU game. Wilson was the only bright spot for the Mean Green against the Hawkeyes with a game-high 95 yards on 12 carries including a 2-broken-tackles 41 yd touchdown run.

Considered Dontrell Hilliard - another good zone runner who looks a bit faster than Wilson but drops too many catches last season.

224. Chicago Bears - Ben Niemann, LB, Iowa (#hawktomegoose)

225. Minnesota Vikings - Foley Fatukasi, DT, Connecticut (Blackpool Niner)

BPA. This guy will probably go early on Day 3. As scary as the Vikes’ defensive front is, there’s not much backing them up. This addition, along with 3rd-round pick Nathan Shepherd fixes that.

Other players considered: Numerous DTs, Trenton Thompson, Justin Jones, Kentavius Street, Andrew Brown. Also CB Brandon Facyson or TE Ryan Izzo.

226. Seattle Seahawks - Michael Dickson, P, Texas (BryKno)

Punters are people too!

Seattle had the second-worst punting unit in the league last year, per Football Outsiders. Some of that is poor punt coverage, but Jon Ryan was also 7th-worst in the league for punting the ball inside the 20.

Michael Dickson is a punter who declared early for the draft. That doesn’t happen! He has a stronger leg than Ryan, and his Aussie-style kicks routinely eliminate the possibility for returns. He was the MVP of the Texas Bowl, as he essentially shut down Missouri’s offense single-handedly (single-footedly?). Seattle infamously tested Dickson to see how long he could stare without blinking, so they’re at least looking at him (…albeit in a creepy fashion), so I’ll have ‘em grab Dickson here.

Other Players Considered:

Andrew Brown, DE, Virginia (Lacks explosiveness, but a high-energy player who projects to bulk up and work inside in the NFL)

Justin Jones, DT, NC State (Smaller-than-ideal rotational lineman who put up big numbers surrounded by talent)

Matt Pryor, OT, TCU (This year’s Trent Brown? Massive frame, needs to work on technique)

227. Miami Dolphins - Rod Taylor, OG, Mississippi (MD49erFaithful)

The Dolphins are excited to have a player like Rod Taylor fall to us in the 7th round. While he is a bit of a project, he does bring multi position experience between G and T in college. Hopefully getting consistent coaching and in a professional strength program can help build him into a starting caliber guard for our offense. Rod Taylor will come in and compete as hard as we know he can to become our starting guard and we are very happy we were able to land a player of his potential at this point in the draft.

228. Oakland Raiders - Brian Allen, C, Michigan State (twolfe2)

229. Miami Dolphins - Austin Golson, C, Auburn (MD49erFaithful)

230. Jacksonville Jaguars - Azeem Victor, LB, Washington (Lancashire49er)

LB has been a need for Jaguars this Draft, specifically SAM LB. On another day or with trades, I expect to see the team try and address this need in Rounds 1-4 rather than 6-7.

Nevertheless, the Jaguars have options at SAM with Brown from last year’s draft, with the intention of keeping Myles Jack at MLB and the pick of Azeem Victor allows the potential for a player with big upside to provide depth of rotational play, with potential to develop into a starter.

Victor prior to the start of the 2017 season (senior) was being touted as a Day 1 or 2 pick due to his excellent and dominating performances in his junior year as a thumping and instinctive ILB for the Huskies. Played with decent quick game speed, and had a good ability to hold up and separate against blocks with the OL and TE. This projection was even following the unfortunate leg break he suffered at the end of his junior season.

Sadly, things got worse from then on. Rehabbing the injury through the 2017 off season, he came back last year overweight and lost his starting snaps at ILB, moving to reduced snaps on the outside. A DUI then followed which also resulted in a team suspension.

I can never fathom why NFL players get into these situations, but appreciate this is a part of growing. Petersen instills a valuable and tough love approach to his coaching and this will have helped Victor. The above though should go alongside Victors positive actions within the team and his role in the community with his foundation.

I think there’s great good in this guy and excellent upside to make an impact through rotation at MLB or even showcasing the skills needed for the SAM position. The chance to fully recover from the injury and his athletic strengths back to his previous levels and more is promising to the team.

Take a look at the film from his sophmore and junior season and you will see a Day 1 Day 2 player.

231. Washington - Ryan Izzo, TE, Florida State (Shanafandom)

The 7th round is not a the decent place for a blocking tight end. The top options on the team are the oft-injured Jordan Reed and aging Vernon Davis. It doesn’t hurt to have more talent, and Izzo will be nice to help get a run game going again. And we all know Alex loves his tight ends, so hopefully Izzo can grow as a pass catcher, though he is not there yet. But like I said before, that is fine for a pick this late

232. Green Bay Packers - Troy Apke, S, Penn State (Fred Mercury)

Former wide receiver-turned-safety with only one year of starting experience at Penn State, thus his production leaves a lot to be desired. What he does have going for him is that he was the MVP of the NFLPA game and had an exceptional Combine workout (he was a top performer in almost every drill among safeties, including a 4.34 forty). A guy with Apke’s profile needs all the help he can get in trying to land on an NFL roster. He’s a special teams dude with intriguing athleticism who probably won’t/shouldn’t see any snaps on defense this season. Who knows, he might even warrant a snap or two on offense.

Other players considered: David Wells, TE, San Diego State

233. Kansas City Chiefs - Darious Williams, CB, UAB (LoreofGore)

234. Carolina Panthers - Foyesade Oluokun, DB, Yale (86derps)

235. New York Jets - Kentavius Street, DE, N.C. State (Blackout52)

After tearing his ACL in a workout earlier this month, Street has received considerably less draft buzz recently, which is probably why he’s available here. Call me Trent Baalke, but I think Street offers good value at this spot. He’s an athletic freak who can rush the passer on the inside or outside. He probably won’t ever be a full-time starter, but after he recovers he could thrive in a Ronald Blair type of role.

236. Dallas Cowboys - Dejon Allen, OL, Hawaii (BiggySmalls)

237. Detroit Lions - Poona Ford, DT, Texas (Camp Frogger)

238. Baltimore Ravens - J.K. Scott, P, Alabama (LizardState)

Scott wasa 4-year starter who posted the 45.6 yd. average to set the school record. opponents opted to return only five of Scotts 54 punts last year, & he has an awesome coffin corner dropping 27 of them inside the 20 yd. line.

Despite having one of the best STs in the NFL & ranking 11th in the NFL in punting last season fellow Bammer record-setter Baltimore GM Ozzie Newsome (set the school receiving yardage record that stood for 3 decades), who’s retiring, feels there is room for improvement. He had to give one more Bama player a shot at an NFL job, & Scott, who boomed several punts 65 yds. or more in college, kicks a high boomer punt that allows gunners & coverage STs adequate time to get downfield.

239. Green Bay Packers - Marquis Haynes, DE, Mississippi (Fred Mercury)

Lance Zierlein sums it up well with Haynes: “productive pass rush specialist who features an outstanding upfield burst, but an alarming lack of anchor.” Haynes may never be allowed near an obvious run down but that doesn’t matter a ton in today’s NFL. I did a double-take when I saw he is tied with Derek Barnett for most career sacks in the SEC (32) and also tied for 8th in the entire NCAA with Barnett for most career sacks. That kind of production will get a guy drafted (probably earlier than late 7th round though). With teams playing nickel/dime 60%+ of the time, Haynes could find himself a nice little niche as a pass rush specialist. Guys like him are always in demand. I think I can officially check the pass rush box for Green Bay. I did my best to fix this team and I hope all those dorky cheese heads are grateful (pun intended). This draft may go a long way in determining Green Bay’s near future with as many picks as they have because they are going to need a good amount of cheap talent to offset the $187 million (per year) Rodgers is going to want for his next extension.

Other players considered: David Wells, TE, San Diego State

240. San Francisco 49ers - Frank Ginda, LB, San Jose State (GSheen)

Arguably the best defensive player in that San Jose State team, Ginda is a real thumper and makes that Spartans team less miserable than they would be otherwise. Still 20, his feel for the run game is off the charts. His quick mental processing allows him to be where the ball is going and make a stop. Play action fakes do not fool him. It’s quite obvious from his plays how much effort he puts into studying his opponents. You would see him thwart a QB sneak at the goal line, break through the o-line to make a tfl, and cover flats and screens superbly well. His pro day numbers were quite amazing given that he was badly hurt from a hit and run a week before - 4.68, 29 reps, 6.85 cone.

His lack of elite athleticism would likely limit his impact on third downs, though he is more athletic than Jewell. Playing in the MWC makes him underlooked and will get him drafted after Jewell. His nose for the football and play recognition ability should help him carve out a role at the next level.

Other considerations: Cody O’Connell - similar to Trent Brown coming out of college, raw but physically gifted. Ryan Carter, Brandon Facyson and Chandon Sullivan – smart, highly competitive corners that deserve some look in late Day 3 or after the draft.

241. Washington - Jason Cabinda, LB, Penn State (Shanafandom)

And with my final pick I’m going to take a linebacker. Not the most athletic guy out there, but a good, consisent tackler with a high motor. He should be able to provide depth and special teams help. Shout out to everyone who participated this year, it’s been fun!

242. Carolina Panthers - Joe Ostman, DE, Central Michigan (86derps)

243. Kansas City Chiefs - Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple (LoreofGore)

Taylor is a “riser” whose 4.8 speed at 285 pounds is rare to say the least. When healthy, he has the potential to be an absolute beast from the interior. Low floor, high ceiling player who would go higher if not for injury history.

244. Atlanta Falcons - Deon Yelder, TE, Western Kentucky (RinaldoPurrisimo)

I was listening to the PFF podcast a couple weeks ago and Sam Monson was talking about why don’t teams take a shot at high production guys in the late rounds So I decided to go with Yelder who had a great college career but played at a smaller school, had a good QB had a favorable scheme. He didn’t test out as a freaky athlete but at his pro day hit all of the thresholds. He could make the roster as well because depth at TE is spotty for the Falcons.

245. New Orleans Saints - Cole Madison, OL, Washington State (DeltaLima)

Madison played tackle in college and earned several accolades while playing in a spread offence. He is quick, mobile, and athletic, at least for a late-round pick. He could benefit from some improved technique and from an NFL level strength program, particularly with pass protection. Still, there is enough there, in terms of size, mobility, and willingness to run block to warrant the selection. Madison is a definite work in progress but, given the Saints’ starting five, that’s just fine. Madison may not get a single snap in his first year (hopefully not, at least), but the idea with the pick is to build him up into a versatile depth lineman for when injuries and/or age require the team to replace Terron Armstead and Max Unger and either promote from within or invest in some more great linemen.

At this point of the draft, I’m trying to find the odds of finding a future contributor as best I can and Madison seems to be a possibility to help the Saints down the road. Now it’s up to the coaching staff and Madison himself.

Looking ahead to UDFA signings, the Saints will be jumping on the phone to Dominick Sanders (S, Georgia), Jeremy Reaves (S, Alabama), and Logan Woodside (QB, Toledo) if they remain undrafted. And, with that, the Saints close the book on the 2018 draft. Thanks to all the other GMs and to those of you still reading in the depths of the seventh round.

246. Pittsburgh Steelers - Nick DeLuca, LB, North Dakota State (nyasa)

The only non-FBS player nominated for the Butkus award, Nick is a solid if not spectacular presence in the middle.He will work hard, should stand out on special teams, and could even earn some playing time at ILB, but he will have to learn to stay healthy to show his value.

247. Jacksonville Jaguars - Siran Neal, S, Jacksonville State (Lancashire49er)

(Shakes fist at Delta Lima and the Saints for taking Cole Madison who I had written a whole story of how this was a great pick! Well done Saints and we would both thoroughly recommend Niners fans check him out as I think he’d be a great fit for the Niners as an athletic Olinemen that could start right away. Hell, he’s even played TE and WR in the past)

Siran Neal was my clear favourite for this pick!!! Cough, cough. Jokes aside, I’m still really pleased with the value here. He’s almost like a Jabrill Peppers mould in that I’ve seen him lined up at all secondary positions, including slot corner, as well as in a linebacker role. He seems to have a better skillset when he’s lined up near the line of scrimmage and would fit the SS role in the Jags single high defence. Has a quick burst and can do a decent job of reading the play. Hard hitting with his tackles. Looks like with a year or two coaching to improve tackling and his angles, as well as some improvement on ball catching, he could be a really good find. He does a good job as a gunner on special teams, so I think he finds a spot on an NFL team and for the Jags, he’s taken with this in mind with an eye on Church (potential contract victim next year) or Gipson, perhaps even some linebacker duties at SAM if he can bulk up a little due to his strengths at press, sledding blocks and tackling, as well as an ability to shadow TEs.

248. Seattle Seahawks - Andrew Brown, DE, Virginia (BryKno)

We’re not planning on keeping Brown at defensive end -- he doesn’t have the explosiveness to play their in our front. Instead, we’ll kick him inside to the three-tech and have him put on some weight, the better to disrupt opposing guards.

Other Players Considered: Both Justin Jones and Matt Pryor remain available, and will be receiving priority UDFA calls. We’re also interested in Danny Johnson, a too-short cornerback who nevertheless showcased fantastic ball skills (17 interceptions!) at Southern.

249. Cincinnati Bengals - Charvarius Ward, CB, Middle Tennessee St (budabear78)

Following the success of Kevin Byard (also from MTSU), the Bengals are excited to add Ward who ran a 4.4 40 yard dash in his pro day. Already deep at cornerback with William Jackson, Darqueze Dennard and Dre Kirkpatrick, the Ward pick would allow the Bengals to let Dennard walk if he proves to become too expensive (or if Dre Kirkpatrick proves too well paid and underperforms his monster contract). Bengals think Ward is a steal this late in the 7th round of the draft. Along with WR Richie James, this is the first time MTSU has had two draft picks in the same year.

250. Philadelphia Eagles - Gerhard de Beer, OL, Arizona (GreatOden’sRaven)

An outstanding athlete who played multiple positions along the line at Arizona. He’s a big man with the size to play tackle and enough technique and power to play guard. In the seventh round I’m looking for a diamond in the rough. The Eagles have so few needs that they can take a chance on a lineman who may be a long time swing backup, end up being a starter, end up as a special teams star, long snapper, backup punter, you name it. With only 4 years of American football under his belt (he was a rugby star in South Africa and a Olympic shot putter) and three years starting at Arizona, he has the rough skills and the athleticism to end up a long time player. It’s sort of a reach as he may be available as an priority free agent but this close to the end of the draft, might as well guarantee you get him.

251. Los Angeles Chargers - Logan Woodside, QB, Toledo (Brother Girth)

I was going to put in a fake name, to see if anyone would notice, but this is close enough. We think we are getting two years out of Rivers and Geno Smith is our backup this year. We’re taking Logan to make sure we get him into camp, though he’s likely headed for the practice squad. We don’t need him this year and we’ll see if we can turn him into a starter in 2020. I know, it’s Toledo, but over 10,000 yards and 93 touchdowns in his college career is worth taking a long look.

252. Cincinnati Bengals - Javon Wims, WR, Georgia (budabear78)

A tall redzone threat and developmental WR for Andy Dalton. Wims is another JUCO transfer (C. Ward also) and can clearly do one thing - catch contested jump balls. Excited to get him at this point in the draft and hope A.J. Green rubs off on him.

253. Cincinnati Bengals - Chris Worley, LB, Ohio State (budabear78)

Drafted to play special teams, the thought is Worley will be able to make the team as a special teamer because he can tackle and hit hard. Not sure if he’s a safety or LB but his first contribution will be on special teams. A local product out of an Ohio school - we also considered Marcus Baugh TE and JT Barrett - would try to get both those guys as undrafted free agents.

254. Arizona Cardinals - Breeland Speaks, DE, Mississippi (AzSharksFan)

255. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Bilal Nichols, DT, Delaware (BayAreaBOI)

At the bottom of the seventh, you look for the low floor guys with freaky upside. That’s Bilal Nichols, but I think his floor is higher than people think. An interior athlete with pass rushing chops, his 34 inch arms and sub 5 forty wheels at over 300 pounds will be a leverage/speed killer in the trenches with a quick burst off the snap. Great value here.

256. Atlanta Falcons - Jonah Trinnaman, WR, BYU (RinaldoPurrisimo)

When you’re picking Mr. Irrelevant you want a guy that you might not get if he’s a UDFA. Trinnaman is a short, barely used, Wide receiver and the Falcons already got Burnett but in Burnett they have a mostly finished Product, Trinnaman is a FREAK athlete. He’s going to be a hot name as an UDFA and will catch on somewhere at worst as a gunner on special teams because of his speed. He’s got intense athletic numbers. He has the 2nd highest SPARQ score among receivers in the draft. He’s got a chance to make the roster and contribute on special teams and if he can learn the nuances of the scheme could contribute as a slot receiver because of his separation ability.