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Jerry Rice endorses a 49ers drafting of Courtland Sutton

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When a wide receiver has the attention of the greatest wide receiver to play the game, that adds serious value to your draft stock.

The San Francisco 49ers are going to need a wide receiver at some point in the draft and who better to identify their future pass catcher than the greatest pass catcher to play the game, Jerry Rice? The GOAT tweeted on Monday that the 49ers need to draft Southern Methodist wide receiver Courtland Sutton later this week.

The 49ers were thought to be taking a wide receiver in the later rounds due to needs elsewhere (O-Line and pass rush if you haven’t been paying attention). It seems like receiver would be addressed after those more significant needs are fulfilled. If they want Sutton though, they would have to look into trading back into the tail end of the first round at the earliest and get the first pick of the third round at the absolute latest (but it’s most likely he’ll be long gone by the middle of round two).

Sutton has been turning heads with some nice numbers at the NFL Combine. His cone drill was the stuff of dreams (6.57) though there are some questions about his speed and separation ability.

He’s got Jerry Rice in his corner. Does this make you want the 49ers to change their plans and go get Sutton?