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John Lynch pre-draft interview time stamps

The San Francisco 49ers general manager had a lengthy interview with the media on Monday, here’s everything covered.

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch was on hand for a pre-draft interview with the media on Monday, and he had a good 40 minutes to discuss a variety of topics. Reuben Foster was a significant topic of discussion, but there were also several draft-related topics.

This interview has some interesting insight, especially at the beginning where Lynch has an eight-minute powerpoint describing the draft process over 12 months. Most of this may be common knowledge, but for those of you (including this writer) who were curious of the year-round process of roster evaluation/scouting reports, it’s good stuff.

Below are the time stamps to the session.

00:34 - The 12-month process of the draft
08:15 - Addressing the Reuben Foster situation
10:05 - Foster in relation to suspension from the NFL
11:40 - The duration of Foster’s inactivity in offseason training activities
12:15 - The reaction from the community and possibly hypocrisy in keeping Foster
15:45 - Effects of Foster’s actions and how he approaches prospects with character issues
17:43 - If Foster was a 3rd string safety, would he have been cut?
18:10 - Team policy on domestic violence, if any
19:15 - Uncertainty of Reuben’s situation and its effect on draft preparations
24:40 - Are the 49ers prepared to have Foster away from the facility for an extended period of time?
25:20 - First round grades and how it affects them wanting to move around
27:30 - First round grades and quarterbacks
28:50 - Where the offense is
29:55 - The decisions on what to do with Arik Armstead
30:30 - Are the height/dimensions of cornerbacks changing (relation to Jimmie Ward)
31:11 - Players that are pro-bowl caliber in this draft
31:50 - Could the 49ers go up from No. 9?
33:00 - Importance of third day picks
34:33 - Status of Trent Brown
35:50 - Importance of Pass Rush
36:45 - The release of Elvis Dumervil
37:45 - Future of Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas
39:00 - The future of Eric Reid
40:00 - Kyle Shanahan and drafting running backs/tight ends/wide receivers after round 3
41:25 - The relationship between coach and GM in the second year