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Report: 49ers ‘covet’ Tremaine Edmunds at No. 9

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We have our first really definitive statement about the 49ers. It could mean something, or it could just be a smokescreen.

The 2018 NFL Draft is a little over 48 hours away, and we have our most definitive statement yet on who the San Francisco 49ers are interested in at pick No. 9. NFL Draft analyst Tony Pauline is hearing that if Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds is available at No. 9, the 49ers will take him.

In that recent mock, I have the San Francisco 49ers trading down with the Buffalo Bills and selecting Leighton Vander Esch. This won’t be the case if Tremaine Edmunds is available when the Niners are called to the clock, as he is the player the team covets.

We’ve heard the 49ers connected with several players, at varying levels of interest. But this marks the most clear statement of the 49ers interest. And Pauline is no slouch. He has extensive connections around the league, so I don’t doubt that one or more people have told him this.

The big question though is whether or not Pauline was given good information, or if this is a smokescreen. When I hear definitive statements leading up to the draft, I’m inclined to just assume that means no on that particular player. It’s the silly season of misinformation, with everybody thinking they can pull the wool over the eyes of everybody else. This is what must be done to guard state secrets!

We may or may not find out on Friday if Pauline’s report is true. The 49ers sit at No. 9, but there are rumblings the Chicago Bears at No. 8 have big interest in Edmunds. I guess we’ll just wait and see what comes of this in 48 hours!