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John Lynch: Trent Brown working hard at rehab, we’re comfortable he’ll be good for training camp

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The 49ers general manager is optimistic about the right tackle’s recovery

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch met with the media on Monday (video) and one of the questions that came up later in the interview was the status of right tackle Trent Brown. Lynch is optimistic on Brown’s recovery from a shoulder injury and while he won’t be available for the entirety of OTAs, will be available for training camp:

“You know, that surgery is a pretty consistent one in terms of takes some time, but guys tend to be ok when they come back from it. Trent is back, has worked hard in his rehab, and it’s going well. We’re comfortable he’ll be alright for training camp, but he’s going to miss a good part of the offseason program. Trent’s a big man so keeping him fit during the process is a challenge for him. He’s attacking. Trent’s a really good football player.”

Lynch would later go on to say that there was “no urgency” getting Brown back into form for the 2018 season and that they were taking their time on his recovery.

Brown was placed on injured reserve late in the 2017 season, and there was some perceived frustration from 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan regarding Brown’s injury status.

Brown is entering a contract year with the 49ers and while he has the ceiling of being one of the best tackles in the league, he has struggled with weight and conditioning and playing down to opponents.

This season will be a huge one for Brown and the 49ers offensive line as a whole.