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Daniel Jeremiah says Mike McGlinchey may be a possibility for the 49ers

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The NFL analyst has a Notre Dame offensive line player going to the 49ers at number 9, but not the one you’re thinking of.

On Tuesday, the draft rumors started getting more and more rampant with NFL analyst Tony Pauline saying the 49ers ‘covet’ Tremaine Edmunds at No. 9.

Now add the conflicting reports. Another analyst, Daniel Jeremiah was on KNBR’s Murph & Mac show and had a different player and position going to the 49ers. If Roquan Smith is taken (predicted by him to the Colts) It’s an offensive line player, but not the guard.

“I’ve heard some buzz down the stretch here hey, they could consider an offensive tackle, and [Mike] McGlinchey, I think most people view him as a top tackle in the draft. That’s too early for me, but—you know, look, ‘hey’— there are people that have different opinions on these guys. He seems to be somebody that could go off the board right there to one of the Bay Area teams. I wouldn’t sleep on that possibility at all for him to come in and be your right tackle and eventual successor to Joe Staley. I just, man, it’s early, it’s a little early after watching them struggle against Georgia and Miami and N.C. State, but there’s a lot of folks very high on him.”

Well then, this is interesting and also consistent to a Peter King mock draft that had the same player going to the 49ers. Nothing is set in stone, especially with the NFL draft, but this is now two notches for McGlinchey.

However, do consider that last year, the 49ers were thought to be considering Mitchell Trubisky. Kyle Shanahan later said there weren’t any quarterbacks he liked and the 49ers eventually made a trade from one spot back with the Bears and drafted Solomon Thomas, the man they had their eye on all along. This isn’t the first rumor of a name attached to the 49ers, and it won’t be the last.