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Same analyst: 49ers covet Tremaine Edmunds ... and Minkah Fitzpatrick, too

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The silly season is upon us and the 49ers want everybody!

The lead up to the NFL Draft can be interesting for a stretch, but it eventually turns ridiculous and we just want to see it end. The 2018 NFL Draft is 24 hours away, and we are so far down the rabbit hole at this point.

NFL Draft analyst Tony Pauline is fairly wired in around the league, and on Tuesday he reported that the San Francisco 49ers covet Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. Specifically, he reported Edmunds would be the pick if he is available when the 49ers come on the clock at No. 9.

A day later, Pauline has decided to hedge his bets.

Yesterday we mentioned Tremaine Edmunds as a prime target for the San Francisco 49ers with the ninth selection. I’m told the team is high on Minkah Fitzpatrick, and he will also be a consideration at that spot.

I wonder if Pauline got a call after yesterday’s report to try and further throw the scent off? At this point, do we assume that any names leaked out should actually be removed from who we think is going No. 9? Or do we think maybe they really go with one of these two?

I feel like a dog chasing its tail right now.