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Baker Mayfield to the Browns has all the momentum

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This would put the Giants on the spot given their believed interests.

The Cleveland Browns hold the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and it is looking more and more like Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will be the choice later tonight. USC quarterback Sam Darnold was viewed by many as a favorite, with betting odds heavily in his favor. Additionally, Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen was getting some mentions.

However, after entering the day as the favorite, Darnold’s odds have plummeted across sportsbooks, while Mayfield has emerged as a heavy favorite. It’s generally a good idea to follow the money. This could be a heck of a misinformation campaign, but for the time-being, I’m comfortable assuming the Browns are going to select Mayfield No. 1.

If that is the case, the question is then what the New York Giants will do at No. 2. There has been talk lately that Penn State running back Saquon Barkley would be the pick. There is also some chatter Bradley Chubb could be the guy. However, our friends at Big Blue View have talked a lot about how if the Giants go quarterback in the first round, it would only be with USC’s Sam Darnold.

If Mayfield goes No. 1, the Giants then have to decide if they want Darnold that badly. BBV reported that Richmond quarterback Kyle Lauletta is high on their radar as well. If they think they could land Lauletta on day two, maybe they make Barkley or Chubb the pick. If they reeeeaaalllly like Darnold, then they go with the USC quarterback. But for now, it seems like one of those three would be the call if Mayfield goes No. 1, with a trade unlikely.

This should not shake things up too much at the top, but it opens the door for some trading further back. If the Giants do not go quarterback and do no trade back, things get interesting starting with the Browns back at No. 4. The New York Jets are taking a quarterback at No. 3, but absolutely nothing is certain after that — and maybe it opens the door for the San Francisco 49ers to get in the trade back action.