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Attorney: Video mentioned by Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend is at DA’s office

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Reuben Foster has a court date on April 30th. We might learn more then.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster has a court date this coming Monday, and we might hear something about recent events. Foster’s ex-girlfriend recanted her statement on Wednesday, claiming she lied about Foster assaulting her. Through her attorney, the woman said she had video proof that her injuries happened in a fight with another woman.

The woman’s attorney informed local media on Thursday that the video in question is in the hands of the Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney. Foster’s ex-girlfriend says the video shows a fight she got into with another woman that led to the injuries.

There has been no description of what the video entails other than the two statements by the woman’s attorney. Matt Barrows reported on Wednesday that it was his understanding that the DA’s office, “has known about the claims to another fight involving Foster’s girlfriend for a while and that they filed the charges anyway.” There is no word on if the DA’s office had the video when they made the decision to file charges against Foster.

Foster could enter a plea on Monday, but in light of this video, I would not be at all surprised if there was another continuance. The prosecutor said after the last court date that he was comfortable pushing forward even if the woman did not testify. The DA’s office has not issued a statement with regard to the video and last night’s statement.