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49ers had not met with Mike McGlinchey since NFL Combine

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The 49ers kept things close until this week.

The San Francisco 49ers selected Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and it was a surprise to him. McGlinchey told local media that he had a formal interview with the 49ers at the NFL Combine, but he had not heard from them since then. The 49ers spent March and April criss-crossing the country for workouts, and bringing in 30 players for official visits, but McGlinchey was not one of them.

The 49ers will likely draft at least one player brought in for a workout or official visit, but the team clearly wanted to keep this close to their chest. It was particularly interesting because we then started hearing the rumors slip out that the 49ers were interested in McGlinchey. Peter King was first on it in his mock draft this past Monday. That was followed by Daniel Jeremiah hearing some buzz on it as well.

I’m really curious who leaked that information, and why it did not come along until this week. The 49ers have kept a tight ship, and given that nothing came out until this week, it seems to have kept up. It’s always fun to try and read into what everything means, and given how this all shook out, we’ll see what the post-mortems bring.