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Mike McGlinchey is already winning being a huge Joe Staley fan

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The 49ers first round pick doesn’t know a whole lot about Shanahan’s offensive system but does know about Joe Staley

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While the San Francisco 49ers first round pick might not be the glamorous pick that everyone wanted, Mike McGlinchey is going to start winning fans over with his admiration of veteran left tackle Joe Staley. While McGlichey isn’t well versed about Kyle Shanahan’s offensive system, he is very familiar with Joe Staley.

Joe Staley was coached by a couple of my coaches at Notre Dame that have gone on and continued [from] while he played at Central Michigan, so I studied Joe quite a bit, He's a phenomenal player and an absolute pro from what I hear so I’m excited to get to know him and get to work with him and it’s going to be an awesome experience.

Current Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly was the head coach at Central Michigan when Staley played there. McGlinchey reports that he strength and conditioning coach Jake Flint, who followed Kelly to Notre Dame, spoke about Staley all the time.

Not only was McGlinchey complimentary of Staley, but also his new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. When asked if he had watched him play:

I did. I watched a few of his games. He looks amazing.

Jed York is obviously already a big fan of his fellow Notre Dame product and didn’t take a lot of winning over. But for a new kid on the block, McGlinchey has the technique down for fitting in at 4949 Marie P. DeBartolo Way.

Here’s a little more from McGlinchey at the combine: