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Watch John Lynch calling, Mike McGlinchey reacting to 49ers pick

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I love these videos.

The NFL Draft changes numerous lives of young football players, and one of the highlights of draft night is seeing the prospects react to being drafted. There are often some tears, whether they be from the players, their family, or BOTH! And of course there’s plenty of excitement on the team’s end when they call the prospect.

The San Francisco 49ers spent their first round pick on Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey, who was with his family for the draft. The 49ers released some video of their end of the call, and Notre Dame football released video of their end.

The 49ers video above (or here) shows John Lynch calling McGlinchey, and after they spoke, Kyle Shanahan got on the line. I’m surprised we didn’t get video of Jed York getting on the line given his Notre Dame history.

Below, you can check out the vide of McGlinchey’s end. We see him first getting the call from Lynch while his family is hanging out. They share in the excitement. The second video shows even more emotion as he puts on the 49ers hat. Enjoy!

Video 1

Video 2