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Initial grading suggests people like, but don’t love 49ers pick of Mike McGlinchey

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People are coming around.

The San Francisco 49ers are through the first round, having spent their No. 9 overall pick on Mike McGlinchey. John Lynch acknowledged there were some quality players there, but McGlinchey was the guy they targeted. At one point Lynch was asked about Roquan Smith, but he stuck to the company line.

We’ll have a look at all sorts of draft grades in the morning, but in the meantime, we’ve got an early look at what 49ers fans think about the pick. After the pick came in, I included a poll in our first article. We have a little over 3,100 votes in, and B leads the way with 41 percent of the vote. C is next at 25 percent, followed by A at 19 percent. 15 percent gave it a D or F.

I put together a quick Twitter poll as well. You can only include four options in a Twitter poll, so I went with “Loved it,” “liked it,” “meh,” and “hated it.” The results are quite similar to the grades, albeit without the letters. With over 2,200 votes in, 45 percent like it, 32 percent are meh, and 18 percent like it. Only five percent hate the pick.

I imagine a lot of people can’t get fired up about the pick, but at the same time, people are coming around to it. An offensive line draft pick is rarely a sexy pick, but it’s an important pick in the long term. Trent Brown is signed for one more year, and weight and conditioning are big questions. Joe Staley just got a pay raise, but he’s old enough that he might be gone in the next two or three years. We could see McGlinchey take over the right tackle job and then move over to left tackle before his fifth year option arrives.

It’s not a glamorous pick, but it could prove critical in the long term.