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49ers, Patriots talking Trent Brown trade

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This is not surprising in light of the 49ers first round pick on Thursday.

The San Francisco 49ers decision to select Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey is likely setting the wheels in motion for an eventual Trent Brown trade. The team is talking to the New England Patriots about a trade, according to Pro Football Talk.

There was a brief rumor on Thursday that the 49ers were working on a deal with the Denver Broncos. It was quickly extinguished, but given the pick Thursday night, there must have been at least a little something to that rumor.

Brown is entering the final year of his rookie contract. He is incredibly talented, but he has had weight and conditioning issues throughout his career that have kept him from fully realizing his potential. This past season he suffered a torn labrum, and there were immediately questions about what kind of shape he would be in following a lengthy rehab process.

After selecting McGlinchey, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said the rookie would compete with Garry Gilliam in the offseason workout program, while Brown continued rehabbing. Then, Brown would be added into the competition when training camp arrived.

GM John Lynch said Thursday evening he would not rule out trading Brown, but he likes having as much depth as possible at the position. But given the draft pick, odds are pretty good Brown is not on the 49ers roster when Week 1 arrives in September. I ran a poll last night, and as of this morning, 64 percent of folks do not expect Brown on the roster when Week 1 gets here.