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Mike McGlinchey offers up a bold opinion about In-N-Out

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This won’t go over well with some 49ers fans!

Social media can be the bane of anyone’s existence. For professional athletes, old tweets from before they hit the big time can come back to bite them in the bite. And even more recent tweets can be problematic.

All of that is to say that west coast San Francisco 49ers fans might have a big problem brewing with new right tackle Mike McGlinchey. Back in January, McGlinchey decided to offer this spicy take on west coast burger staple In-N-Out.

This is really not a surprising opinion. Some non-west coast folks love In-N-Out, but plenty complain that it’s overrated. When my wife and I were flying through LA to Hawaii, we walked to the In-N-Out next to LAX for her first experience with it, and she didn’t see what the big deal was. This was before we got married, so I was able to accept it. I figure that just means more In-N-Out for me.

I think most will forgive him if he turns into a solid tackle for the 49ers, but he’s certainly got some work to do on this front. On a side note, we are looking into just what he considers a great burger chain. More to come hopefully later today.