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David Akers trolls the Cowboys...too much?

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I can’t decide if this was awful or awesome.

The 2018 NFL draft hit Day Two on Friday which meant the former players came out to make the selections for their teams. Representing the Philadelphia Eagles was kicker David Akers. 49ers fans remember him as the kicker during the first two years of Jim Harbaugh’s coaching tenure. Akers had a career year in 2011 (his first year) but 2012 had him go on a steep decline, missing chip-shots that cost the 49ers several football games.

Akers came to the podium to make the pick and went along with what had become a ritual of Friday: Bashing the Cowboys and/or glossing your own team. Except Akers did it juuuuuuust a bit longer than he should have:

That is just over a minute and a half of Akers trolling Dallas. Any other team and I’d probably say it’s too much. Even with Dallas this is trying too hard. But it’s Dallas, and as overbearing as this may be, it still doesn’t get old.

Still, I’ve seen terrible WWE promos by heel wrestlers that don’t try as hard as this. The whole thing is hilariously awkward, but since it’s the Cowboys, he gets a free pass. Also, it wasn’t the worst presentation, there were some head-scratchingly bad promos by former NFL greats.