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Tracking 49ers undrafted free agent signings following 2018 NFL Draft

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The San Francisco 49ers have wrapped up the 2018 NFL Draft, and will now begin signing undrafted free agents. Rumors will fly fast and furious, so we are tracking them all here.

The 2018 NFL Draft is wrapping up, and with the San Francisco 49ers wrapped up with their draft picks (barring a trade into the end of the seventh round), we now turn to undrafted free agency. The 49ers now have 82 81 players on their roster. That does not mean they will only sign 8 9 UDFAs, as they could release players to make room for the young talent.

It is worth noting that these names are not official yet. The 49ers will announce their signings at some point in the next couple weeks. However, this time is notorious for players deciding on one team and then choosing another or a reporter getting the UDFA signing wrong or confusing a rookie minicamp invite for an actual signing. We’ll keep track of all the rumors here, and then we’ll post the official list once the 49ers confirm it.

The UDFA period immediately following the draft is one of my favorite times of the year. Most of these undrafted signings will not make the 53-man roster, but we all know it provides a chance for Kory Sheets Was Our Future potential. The 49ers have found UDFAs worth of roster inclusion, and this new coaching staff and front office have shown a willingness to make roster changes if quality arrives. We’ll see what this year’s process brings.

I’ll be posting tweets as they appear, but I have also dropped in a widget featuring the 49ers beat writer Twitter list. There should be plenty of info there.


Jack Heneghan, QB, Dartmouth

Ja’Quan Gardner, RB, Humboldt State

Coleman Shelton, C, Washington

DT Niles Scott, Frostburg State

Terrell Williams, S, Houston

Steven Dunbar, WR, Houston

Tavarus McFadden, CB, Florida State

Patrick Choudja, DE, Nevada

Alan Knott, C, South Carolina

Connor Wentz, TE, North Dakota State (minicamp tryout)

Andrew Marshall, OL, Valdosta State (minicamp tryout)

Deontez Alexander, WR, Franklin College (minicamp tryout)

Jamar McGloster, OT, Syracuse

Jeffery Wilson, RB, North Texas

Ross Dwelley, TE, San Diego

Corey Griffin, DB, Georgia Tech

Emmanuel Moseley, CB, Tennessee (scouting report)