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New England Patriots trade of Jimmy Garoppolo has turned into 5 more trades

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This is insane.

Last October, the San Francisco 49ers traded a second round pick (#43 overall) to the New England Patriots for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. It seemed like a pretty simple deal, and on the 49ers side of things, it could not have worked out any better. Garoppolo emerged as their quarterback of the future and signed a five-year extension, and I think everybody is plenty happy with that.

I was going to write up a quick post about the formal resolution of the trade once the Patriots used the 49ers second round pick. I ran into a problem, however: Bill Belichick.

The Patriots head coach and GM loves to trade picks, and let’s just say he did some dealing with the pick. He traded the pick to the Lions, and that ended up creating an avalanche of trades. He used one of the picks acquired from the Lions in a deal to move up in the second round, and the sum total of transactions with the pick acquired from the 49ers was five trades, two 2018 draft picks, and two picks in 2019.

We won’t get full resolution on this trade until at least next year, but it could last longer given the Patriots work on the trade market. But for now, here is what the Patriots have acquired with the 49ers second round pick, and how they got there this week.

What the Patriots acquired

2nd round pick (#56) — CB Duke Dawson
6th round pick (#178) — LB Christian Sam
2019 2nd round pick
2019 3rd round pick

Timeline of trades & selections

  • Trade 2nd round pick (#43) to Detroit Lions for 2nd round pick (#51), 4th round pick (#117)
  • Traded 2nd round pick (#51) to Chicago Bears for 4th round pick (#105), 2019 2nd round pick
  • Trade 2nd round pick (#63), 4th round pick (#117) to Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 2nd round pick (#56)
  • Draft LB Duke Dawson at #56
  • Trade 4th round pick (#105) to Cleveland Browns for 4th round pick (#114), 6th round pick (#178)
  • Trade 4th round pick (#114) to Detroit Lions for 2019 third round pick
  • Draft CB Christian Sam at #178