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Getting to know 49ers new OT Mike McGlinchey

Just a few nuggets to get you acquainted with the 49ers first round pick

The newest member of the San Francisco 49ers, Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey, met the media on Friday, and offered some interesting bits of information to help everyone get to know him. His family made the trip with him to the facility and are just all around nice people. Some of this information come from McGlinchey himself, and some came from his parents Mike and Janet.

  • McGlinchey was born about two weeks past his due date and weighed in at nearly ELEVEN pounds. His measured 23 inches in length. None of his other siblings, four brothers and one sister, arrived late.
  • McGlinchey currently stands at 6’8 but was worried about not growing when he was younger and was playing basketball. With that statement you wouldn’t think he graduated from eighth grade at 6’5, but he did. That’s usually at the age of 14-15 by the way.
  • Of McGlinchey’s four brothers, Mike stands the tallest at 6’8 and the shortest is 6’1. And yes, they call him short.
  • McGlinchey received offers from 22 schools. Of those, Duke and Virginia were the favorites along with Notre Dame.
  • McGlinchey tried playing tight end as a result of his cousin Matt Ryan playing quarterback. He didn’t get to play much and didn’t like that. During a game, the team’s RT sustained an injury and he got back to “putting his hand in the dirt.”
  • After slimming down to 260 pounds after playing basketball and tight end, McGlinchey had an 8,000 calorie per day diet to put weight back on and reach his target of 300 pounds.
  • McGlinchey met both Jake Long and Chris Long near the time when Matt Ryan was drafted and they told him: “There’s nothing wrong with being big.”
  • He kept his phone on mute most of the week prior to the draft and did not know with certainty that the 49ers or Raiders were interested in him.
  • He has played both right tackle and left tackle. He says it’s not a slight to play RT vs. LT. “Right tackles are still playing in the NFL so that’s not a bad deal.”
  • He has never missed a football game dating all the way back to peewee football and does not consider a broken hand a serious injury.
  • McGlinchey’s favorite cheesesteak is from Philadephia’s Dalessandro’s, which is also a favorite of Jimmy Fallon. He loves it so much that he wanted his entire team to try it when Notre Dame played at Temple. His mom, Janet brought over 80 cheesesteaks to the team.
  • While he liked the burger from In-n-Out, he’s a Five Guys kind of burger guy:

I think of the three that are comparable, I guess it’s like Five Guys, What-A-Burger and In-And-Out, are kind of all the same type of deal, I would say Five Guys is probably my favorite out of all of those. I don’t know. I liked the burger at In-And-Out. The burger was good, it was just the other stuff around it that didn’t give me the full package.