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Tavarius Moore says he definitely loves playing safety but, “we talked about playing corner some”

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The 49ers third round pick says his versatility makes him a great value

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl - Southern Miss v Louisiana Lafayette Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The 49ers third round pick, Southern Mississippi defensive back Tarvarius Moore, is primarily a safety but believes his versatility is what influenced the 49ers to select him. He sees himself as a long, rangy, Earl Thomas type of player. Moore also has incredible speed running a 4.32 at his pro day and not getting invited to the combine added to the chip on his shoulder.

Here’s his full conference call transcript:

We found out you got picked a few minutes ago and have been scrambling to watch some film. Can you just tell us a little bit about what position you think the 49ers have you envisioned for and what position you like playing the best?

“Definitely safety. We talked about playing corner some, so I could definitely see myself maybe transitioning to corner or that nickel position. I think I’m definitely versatile enough that I can play a lot of positions in the secondary. So, wherever they need me, I’ll be happy to go play.”

Did you say you like playing safety the best, but they talked about you as a corner? Or they just talked about you playing both positions?

“Mostly safety. They just asked about my corner background. Definitely with my body frame, having long arms and being able to run, we had conversations about that.”

How much contact did you have with the 49ers up to today?

“We definitely had a lot of contact. After my pro day, we talked a lot. Throughout the last two or three weeks before the draft. Definitely had a lot of contact with them and the defensive backs coach [Jeff Hafley] and it all worked out.”

You didn’t make a trip out here did you?

“No, sir. I didn’t.”

You were not invited to the combine. Did that surprise you or upset you?

“I wouldn’t say upset me. I just always was told if it’s meant to be for you, it’ll be. So, I didn’t get invited, but I just made the most of my pro day. Just had a lot of faith in my talents and that I’d get seen no matter what. Definitely didn’t upset me. More of a chip on my shoulder than anything. It’s done. It’s done now.”

Do you know much about the 49ers defense? If so, how do you think your skills translate to what they like to do?

“They like versatile guys. I feel like I’m a very versatile guy, especially with my speed and my length. I can definitely impact a lot in the secondary as far as my range, just covering from sideline to hash. That’s one of the things that I definitely felt was something that they looked at and liked in me a lot, my range, and my physicality.”

So, they liked you as a free safety more so than a box safety?

“Right. Yes, sir.”

Is a player like Seattle Seahawks S Earl Thomas or even with the 49ers DB Adrian Colbert, are those players whose film you’ve watched? Have you played a lot of single high?

“Definitely. Earl Thomas-type. Rangy, but still psychical at the point of attack. That’s something that I did a lot in my career. We played a lot of off-man too. So, I think that my skillset definitely fits with their scheme as far as the defense and the secondary.”

Who did you have contact throughout the pre-draft process?

“I actually took 13 visits to 13 teams. So, I had a lot of contact with a lot of teams. Just blessed to be picked by the 49ers.”