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Experts tend to agree: 49ers had about a ‘B’ draft

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The 49ers graded out pretty well in the 2018 NFL Draft, even if a lot of fans aren’t happy.

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The San Francisco 49ers have nine new draftees, and I’m mostly fine with the selections they made overall. The 2018 NFL Draft may be disappointing to some 49ers fans, but experts tend to think the 49ers did well, or at least well enough to earn a whole lot of ‘B’ grades, whether minuses or pluses.

That’s been the case for individual picks through the first two days. It’s also been the case for overall picks for the first two days. Now it’s mostly the case for overall — taking all three days into account — though those who did individual Day 3 grades did hand out some ‘A’s for some 49ers selections.

First, a list of all the picks the 49ers made:

1 (9). Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
2 (59). Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
3 (70). Fred Warner, LB, BYU
3 (95). Tarvarius Moore, DB, Southern Mississippi
4 (128). Kentavius Street, DE, N.C. State
5 (142). D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State
6 (184). Marcell Harris, S, Florida
7 (223). Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple
7 (240). Richie James, WR, Middle Tennessee State

Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports was very positive on the Reed pick, saying that he can play outside if he needs to:

Twitched-up slot CB who can play outside if need be. Shorter but very aggressive. Excellent ball skills. Needs to get better at tackling.

But he was less thrilled with the Harris selection, calling him a “vintage Florida safety” who is imposing, but “lacks awareness and change of direction skill.”

Mike Tanier of Bleacher Report was also not a fan of the Harris pick, saying that the “49ers always get themselves into trouble when they gamble on players with major injury issues, and this is their second one of the draft.”

He was a bigger fan of the James selection, though:

If I were founding a spring league, I would snatch James as soon as he falls through the NFL’s cracks and build a Single Wing offense around him. It’s the seventh round, and James has upside.

As far as overall grades are concerned, here’s what SB Nation’s Dan Kadar had to say about the 49ers’ full draft, giving them a ‘B-’.

The ninth pick may have seemed early to tackle Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey, but if the 49ers didn’t take him, the Raiders would have at No. 10.

McGlinchey could start his career on the right side, but Joe Staley turns 34 in August. McGlinchey could be his successor. This pick is about positional value. It’s a little bit questionable at No. 9, but it is logical.

The 49ers moved up in the second round to get slot receiver Dante Pettis with the 44th pick. Pettis excels on short routes where he can utilize quick movement to get open and make a play after the catch. BYU linebacker Fred Warner, taken at No. 70, is experienced and productive. He can play all over the place, and is good in zone coverage where he can utilize his athleticism and length.

Kentavius Street probably won’t play this season after tearing his ACL at his pro day. But had he been healthy, some thought he might go in the second round. Safety Tarvarius Moore and cornerback D.J. Reed are solid depth pieces for the 49ers.

The folks at DraftWire gave the 49ers a ‘B+’ for the whole draft overall. They say that McGlinchey “wasn’t a top-10 talent,” but that they are excited by the “value, athleticism and potential they got in the following rounds.”

Andy Benoit of gave the 49ers an overall ‘B’, as did Chad Reuter of And there are plenty more. Below are the grades we’ve compiled, as well as the pertinent links.

Dan Kadar (SB Nation): Overall: B-, Good (Street),
Chad Reuter ( Day 3 Grade: B+, Overall Grade: B
Luke Easterling (DraftWire): Overall: B+
Andy Benoit ( Overall: B
Pro Football Focus: Overall: Above average
Rotoworld: Overall: A
Mark Cannizzaro (New York Post): Overall: B
Mark Maske (Washington Post): Overall: C
Vinnie Iyer (Sporting News): Overall: B-
Nate Davis (USA Today): Overall: C+
Chris Trapasso (CBS Sports): C+ (Street), A- (Reed), C (Harris), A- (Taylor), A (James)
Mike Tanier (Bleacher Report): C- (Street), B+ (Reed), Poor (Harris), Fair (Taylor), Excellent (James)