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Golden Nuggets: The 2018 NFL Draft has come to a close

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, April 28th 2018

The draft is in the books and the San Francisco 49ers will be signing UDFAs through the night. Most of us have our opinions about how this particular draft shook out.

At first I was getting furious, mostly for how many safeties the team was taking. It also didn’t help that the ACL All-Stars were revived with the pick of Kentavius Street (I blame R2-D2). Hey, I love a guy who can squat 700 pounds. I can only do a third of that, but will he ever squat that much again? ACL tears work in mysterious ways.

A friend looked at me as I was manning the big draft sheet and said, “This is a different regime, different expectations.” I guess he meant Trent Baalke isn’t in charge so I shouldn’t instantly go into this with a pessimistic attitude, but it’s hard given all the drafts 49ers fans have had to endure. For now, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan get the benefit of the doubt. They made all those picks last year and most of them turned out to be pretty special. Let’s see what these picks can do.

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What a horrible night to have a curse...