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Plenty will change between this first mock draft and the last one a year from now

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It’s way too early to know anything, but we have our baseline!

The 2018 NFL Draft is a wrap which means the end of mock drafts — well, almost the end!

The 2019 NFL Draft is a year away, but as has become tradition, the first mock draft of the year drops shortly after the last draft ended. We’ll see a quick run of mock drafts now, but then things quiet down until college football arrives in the fall. And while it is absurdly early for a mock draft, it gives us a fun baseline we can look back on a year from now.

SB Nation’s Dan Kadar put together his 2019 mock draft, with the order based on Super Bowl odds. The improvement in the San Francisco 49ers dating back to the addition of Jimmy Garoppolo has them No. 21 in the draft order. With that pick, Kadar has the 49ers selecting Wisconsin linebacker T.J. Edwards. Here’s what he had to say about the pick.

Who knows what’s going to happen with Reuben Foster. If his legal troubles persist, the 49ers could seek his replacement. Third-round pick Fred Warner is more of a coverage linebacker while Edwards is good at coming up against the run.

It’s safe to say this could change a lot in the next year. Reuben Foster has a court date on Monday for his felony domestic violence and weapons charges. His ex-girlfriend recanted her statement to the police, but the DA has yet to indicate if they will drop any of the charges. And even if they drop the domestic violence and criminal threats charges, the gun possession charge is still out there. All of this is to say, there are a lot of questions between now and next April.

A year ago, Dan released his first 2018 mock draft, and the 49ers selected UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen with the second overall pick. It was already expected to be the “year of the quarterback,” and we saw it in the mock draft. He also had the Browns selecting Sam Darnold, the New York Jets selecting Josh Allen, Washington selecting Mason Rudolph, the Los Angeles Chargers selecting Lamar Jackson, and the Buffalo Bills selecting Luke Falk. Obviously some things changed, but quarterbacks were the big first round play.

The 49ers are the best example of how much things can and will change between now and the next draft. Kirk Cousins was in the picture at that point, but if they did not land him, they were nearly a lock to draft a quarterback this year. Instead, they acquired Jimmy Garoppolo at the trade deadline, and did not need to draft a quarterback this year. Plenty can and will change.