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49ers connected to 12 UDFA signings, 3 tryout candidates

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The 49ers hold minicamp later this week, at which point we’ll find out just who the team lands in undrafted free agency.

The San Francisco 49ers will formally announce undrafted free agent signings later this week, but in the meantime, rumors are running fast and furious. Some of the players are signing contracts, while others are actually just being brought in for a tryout.

The team will host their rookie minicamp later this week. We’ll find out who specifically is a contract and who is simply a tryout at that point. Tryouts aren’t guaranteed anything more than per diem and a chance to show their stuff. Last year, Chanceller James turned that into a contract, and while he ended up on injured reserve, expectations are high for the safety.

The draft wrapped up Saturday afternoon, and in the two days since, players, coaches, universities, and friends have all tweeted about signings. Not all will prove accurate, but for the time being, below is a rundown of the players with those clearly in for tryouts noted accordingly. You can check out the social media source for each one here.

The 12 UDFAs listed without mention of tryout are not all necessarily signed as UDFAs. We’ll find out for sure when the 49ers make their announcements. The 49ers have nine roster spots open following the draft. If they sign all 12, they will need to clear roster spots for them.

Jeffery Wilson, RB, North Texas
Steven Dunbar, WR, Houston
Deontez Alexander, WR, Franklin College (tryout)
Ross Dwelley, TE, San Diego
Connor Wentz, TE, North Dakota State (tryout)
Jamar McGloster, OT, Syracuse
Andrew Marshall, OT, Valdosta State (tryout)
Coleman Shelton, C, Washington
Alan Knott, C, South Carolina

Niles Scott, DT, Frostburg State
Patrick Choudja, DE, Nevada
Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Florida State
Emmanuel Moseley, CB, Tennessee
Terrell Williams, S, Houston
Corey Griffin, S, Georgia Tech