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49ers on hand for workout of prospect who learns the peril of Chipotle

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There’s an important takeaway from this particular Pro Day.

The San Francisco 49ers have just about wrapped up their Pro Day tour, with the final college workouts taking place this week. The 49ers have sent some kind of representation to virtually every Pro Day, and earlier this week, they were on hand for the North Carolina A&T Pro Day.

The most notable prospect for NC A&T is offensive lineman Brandon Parker. He stands 6’8 and weighs 305 pounds, with 35 inch arms. He played tackle in college, and was invited to both the Senior Bowl and the Combine. He is an enormous individual, but scouting reports suggest he will need to improve on a lot of his technique.

There’s not a lot to add to this story from a football perspective that we haven’t talked about with offensive linemen. The 49ers need depth at tackle, and potentially someone who can take over if the team does not extend Trent Brown.

There’s some intriguing feature content out there, but the most important thing I read was in this feature by Brant Wilkerson-New. Parker said that he ran into a bit of a problem at the Combine that prevented him from doing the bench press.

There are a few lessons in life that a man must only learn one time, and unfortunately for Brandon Parker, he learned one of them before the biggest job interview of his life back in February at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Parker, N.C. A&T’s former All-American left tackle, decided to grab some fast food and wound up being forced to sit out the bench press.

“I had some Chipotle and it didn’t sit well,” Parker said, laughing.

And the first step toward that was perfecting the meal before the workout, where Chipotle is no longer among the options.

“Oh – no, no,” he said, shaking his head and smiling.

Let’s cut to the chase. Chipotle is garbage. It’s not that it’s the worst food I’ve ever had, and if there was nothing else around for me to eat, yes, I would eat it. But generally speaking, it’s not good.

I realize that there are places Chipotle exist that simply don’t have an alternative for “Mexican” food. I’d say try and make your own burrito or tacos or whatever. Assuming you don’t get food poisoning, there is a certain consistency to the Chipotle experience. But the problem is that it’s consistently boring. Maybe it’s not the worst thing on the planet, but it is still garbage. You can almost always do better.