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Golden Nuggets: 49ers have no holes

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San Francisco 49ers links for Friday April 6, 2018

Shanahan continually says he always wants to win but he will not jeopardize the 49ers future to do so. He and Lynch have used free agency to fill holes at cornerback, linebacker, running back, outside pass rusher and offensive guard along with upgrading the center position. While all of the players involved might not be fan favorites, they have been brought in through free agency to make sure we go into the draft with no holes to fill. The idea that we have to draft an outside linebacker or an offensive lineman rather than focusing on players that will best help the team would be desperate and may not be in the team’s best interest in the long run.

It would be nice to draft an outside pass rusher but if the 49ers don’t feel any of the players available best fit the long term interests of the team, there is no reason to waste a draft pick on them. They can feel free to draft a left tackle, cornerback, wide receiver or whatever other player is available that better fits the team’s long term interests.

Lynch and Shanahan have appeared to be interested in making sure they brought in players that could be good role models for their young draft picks. It might be a good idea if the 49ers drafted players for guys like Staley and Garcon to act as role models before they retire. Over the years I have heard many great players give huge amounts of credit for their success to players that were on their teams when they were rookies. Hopefully we can pick up some players in the draft that will eventually be able to look back and say the same.

This does not mean the 49ers can’t draft Roquan Smith or Harold Landry if they feel they are truly going to be great contributors to the future of the team and that their contributions will be equal to the value of the pick. Merely picking a player at number nine to fill a hole would not be in the best interest of the team’s future.

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