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Do you think Jimmy Garoppolo will throw for over 4,500 yards?

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It’s time for us to start looking at some possible numbers for some players. Today, it’s Jimmy G.

ESPN’s Mike Clay put out his recent projections for the San Francisco 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo is listed with 4,367 yards for 2018. We’ll be looking at some other players, but for now, we’ll stick with Jimmy G.

4,367 looks solid and seems like it could be right on the money. In his six games with the San Francisco 49ers, Garoppolo threw for 1,560 yards. Those numbers have a slight nudge due to the few passes he threw to close out his debut in the final minutes against the Seattle Seahawks (hence six games).

With some time to familiarize himself in Kyle Shanahan’s offense and the addition of Jerick McKinnon as a pass-catching back, Garoppolo could go well above this projection. In Shanahan’s second year with the Atlanta Falcons, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw for nearly 5,000 yards.

It will be interesting to see what Garoppolo can do now that he’s familiar with Shanahan’s offense. The return of Pierre Garcon should help as well.

Rounding up from Clay’s numbers, do you think Garoppolo will throw for over or under 4,500 yards in 2018?


Do you think Jimmy Garoppolo will throw for over or under 4,500 yards?

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