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Watch video of Jimmy G on Gruden’s QB Camp

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We have links to the entire episode.

Saturday, ESPN ran a marathon of Jon Gruden’s quarterback camp — a very well done show where Gruden grills quarterback prospects on their football play and I.Q. The show pulls no punches — Gruden asks tough questions and will give honest responses to answers he doesn’t like/plays he doesn’t like. While he tries to do this with a glass half-full attitude, the show isn’t afraid to highlight the flaws of a prospect.

Only one problem with Saturday’s marathon: no Jimmy Garoppolo. That is, until I went looking for it! I managed to find links to Garoppolo’s visit on Gruden’s QB camp and have linked them here. I also have embed the video into this post as well.

Give it a look.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3