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Gil Brandt expects two offensive line prospects to go higher than expected

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The rumor mill is flying fast and furious. If one of these proves true, it could benefit the 49ers at No. 9.

The 2018 NFL Draft gets going in a little over two weeks, and that means we are getting the last run of rumors. And now we get a rumor that could impact the San Francisco 49ers at No. 9.

NFL personnel legend Gil Brandt chatted with Peter King for the latter’s Monday Morning Quarterback column. He offered some insight about a handful of the more high profile players, and then offered predictions on some players who might go earlier than expected.

• Biggest surprise in the top 10: “[Notre Dame] tackle Mike McGlinchey. He’ll go in the top 10.”

• Player who will go higher than everyone thinks:Will Hernandez, guard, UTEP. Reminds me of Mike Iupati—both drafted higher than anyone thought.”

We can say with some certainty three quarterbacks will go in the top eight picks, and maybe a fourth. McGlinchey was a higher projection at one point, but most of this offseason he has been a little further back. If he went in the top eight picks, that would drop one more talented player to the 49ers.

Chris Biderman discussed McGlinchey as a potential 49ers pick to eventually replace Joe Staley or Trent Brown. If the 49ers drafted an offensive tackle at No. 9, it would not strike me as entirely shocking, but it would certainly raise some eyebrows. The 49ers have other more pressing needs, but if they are looking at the bigger picture, tackle could be a big need sooner rather than later. And it would probably tell us a little bit about Trent Brown’s future more than anything else. But if McGlinchey ends up going a spot or two before the 49ers, I’d be down for that.

As for Hernandez, he could end up being the second guard off the board, depending on how teams think about Isaiah Wynn. The 49ers would be unlikely to pick him at No. 9, but if the team was able to move back in the first round, maybe it opens the door for a guard at that point.