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Watch Kentavius Street squat 700 pounds

He may have tore his ACL this offseason, but when healthy the 49ers’ newest member to the defensive line can lift a truck.

The San Francisco 49ers kept the ACL All-Stars alive and well by selecting N.C. State defensive end Kentavius Street. Street probably won’t hit the field this year and be red-shirted, but there’s some hope he can get it together for 2019.

Sure there’s game tape, but this is a powerful kid. How powerful? Watch him squat 700 pounds in the video above. Whether or not he returns to form after an ACL injury is yet to be determined — these injuries can ruin careers. When healthy though, Street is a very, very powerful man.

He may need to vary his pass-rush moves but maybe with that lower body strength he can just bull rush all day long and not worry about any variance.