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Happy black alternate uniform anniversary!

I like them, but they could still use improvements.

Happy May Day! It’s May 1st, and for San Francisco 49ers fans, it should bring up some questionable feelings. Three years ago today, the team introduced their black alternate uniforms.

That group of five players represented the face of the franchise, and three years later, Joe Staley is the only one still on the roster. It’s not shocking in a league that features a lot of turnover, but losing that much leadership and talent certainly says something about the past few years.

But back to the uniforms. I don’t mind the idea of a black alternate, but they missed the boat by not putting a gold border on the names and numbers. When they play in these uniforms, it is difficult to make out the names and numbers. I think black and red work together, but hopefully they’ll fix that up at some point.

I continue to hold out hope for a return to the shadowed throwbacks they used during their last Super Bowl season. I remain a huge fan of those uniforms.

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images