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Updated Super Bowl 53 odds following 2018 NFL Draft

The 49ers change slightly, while expectations are sky high for the Rams.

The 2018 NFL Draft is officially in our rearview mirror. Teams will have their rookie minicamp one of the next two weeks, followed by OTAs, and then wrap up their offseason workout programs with mandatory minicamp. After that, we’ll wait through the dead period leading up to training camp.

With the draft behind us, Super Bowl odds have been updated. Bovada updated their odds on Tuesday, the first such update since March 22nd after free agency had gotten going. The 49ers opened at 20/1 after the Super Bowl, and dropped to 14/1 after two weeks of free agency. Following the draft, they have been bumped up to 15/1.

The New England Patriots remain Super Bowl favorites at 5/1, where they have sit since the morning after the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles are next at 8/1. The Los Angeles Rams were previously even with the 49ers at 14/1, but they saw a big improvement, now sitting at 9/1. They are followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers (10/1), Green Bay Packers (12/1), and then the 49ers.

The Rams had one of the biggest improvements in their odds. The public loves the additions they’ve made, and I don’t know any non-49ers fan who does not see big things out of the Rams this fall. They’ve gone all in, and expectations are going to be really high this season.