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The 2018 49ers Take Generator™

Where you can become an expert football fan with a simple click of a button!

The San Francisco 49ers currently have 89 players on their roster following the signing of offensive lineman Mike Person. They’ll likely add one more player to round out the 90-man roster, but more than likely it is somebody who will be a camp body and not much more.

By the time training camp wraps up, nearly half the players on the current roster will be released. We’ve got our 90-in-90 series to try and give you an idea of who these players are, but why should you do any research beyond that to form well-constructed opinions on the fourth or fifth tight end, or backup fullback?

You could do serious research on each player, break down their film, and figure out for yourself exactly what they bring to the table. Some of you will do that, only to realize later you’ll never get that time back in your life.

But why not save the time and energy and talent development on players you won’t remember six months from now? All while still coming off like a well-educated football expert!

Thankfully, our friends at Daily Norseman have come up with the perfect tool. They developed a Minnesota Vikings Take Generator™ to ease your burden! And they were kind enough to develop said Take Generator™ for the San Francisco 49ers roster. Click here if you can’t see it below.

The 2018 49ers Take Generator™ includes a few things that will keep you endlessly amused for at least the next five minutes:

  • Every player on the 49ers roster is included
  • DN culled the takes from tweets and analysis of a host of Internet “talent evaluators”
  • They provided some helpful HTML that means you just click the link above and get a new take as quickly as you need it.

Odds are pretty good you’ll get a ridiculous take, but with over 500,000 unique take combinations, you’ll have a nearly endless amount of opinions to offer when asked about the 49ers.

Share some of your favorite takes in the comments below. The more absurd the better!