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Send letters to Dwight Clark

Last week, SI writer Chris Ballard had a chance to take part in a recent visit to Montana that numerous former San Francisco 49ers players enjoyed with Dwight Clark. Since his ALS diagnosis, Clark has relocated to Montana, where he and his wife live 15 minutes away from a ranch where Eddie DeBartolo lives half the year. DeBartolo organized this get together and the story is a great one.

Clark has been visiting with a host of ex-teammates, local media, and others who have known him over the years. He continues to battle ALS, but in recognizing his own mortality, Clark is able to enjoy however many years he has left in the company of friends and family.

49ers beat writer Matt Maiocco has worked with and been friends with Clark for a long time, and is headed up to Montana in the next ten days. Clark recently told Maiocco that he wants to hear from fans with their stories about what they were doing at the time of “The Catch,” or what kind of impact that play had on the fans and/or their loved ones. Even those who were not born yet or don’t recall The Catch might have great stories their parents have told them.

Either way, Clark would love to hear from fans. If you have a story to share about The Catch, you can mail a letter to Maiocco and he will hand deliver it to Clark on his visit. Send it to the following address:

Matt Maiocco
NBC Sports Bay Area
360 Third Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94107

If you get the letter out today or tomorrow, it should get to Maiocco in time for delivery. If you don’t have time to write a letter, you can also email your thoughts to If you send an email, include your full name, mailing address, and phone number. Written letters are preferred, but email is an option.