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You can go see Jimmy G at the San Francisco Zoo

Just not the Jimmy G you’re thinking of. This one’s a bit more furry and hails from Central Asia

It’s safe to say Jimmy Garoppolo’s arrival has revived and reinvigorated a fanbase in the San Francisco 49ers and the city at large. Just how much? Well it looks like he’s getting animals named after him now.

The name ‘Jimmy’ is probably getting a surge due to the quarterback’s popularity and I don’t really have an opinion on that one way or annother. I’ve got one on naming a leopard though: It’s awesome!

It’s too bad they couldn’t find something from Italy to really go with it, but I’ll take a snow leopard as the new spirit animal for Jimmy G. It seems like the right animal too. Naming a rhinoceros, an elephant, or a chimp after the 49ers quarterback doesn’t seem like the right fit from the animal kingdom. Snow leopard seems work.

What is a snow leopard? Here’s the wikipedia article so you can decide for yourself.